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How Do You Choose The Right Realtor?

How Do I choose the right realtor?

Choosing the right realtor

I am not the first person to write about this, and will most certainly not be the last. Here are some simple things to look for.

We are in historic and interesting times in the real estate business. There are more choices, and at better prices for buyers than have existed for decades. This creates a problem whether you are a buyer or a seller as to who you choose to help you in the process. For buyers, the first thing you should know is that you need your own “Buyer’s Agent”. This is important for 2 reasons: 1) the agent that has the home listed represents the seller, and the seller is their primary responsibility, and 2) the seller pays the fee for both Realtors whether you get one yourself, or use theirs.

For sellers, the chore is more daunting. Finding a real estate professional is the most important part of selling your home. If you get the right one, they could potentially have it sold for you in weeks. And, if you get the wrong one, you might go into foreclosure without ever even getting an offer. As a seller, the relationship between you and your agent is complex, but it must be open minded to work. If you are unrealistic about the price or willingness to negotiate, you will not sell your home. If your agent is so hungry that they will tell you whatever you want to hear, rather than stick to hard market data, you also will not sell your home. Take a look at a few simple suggestions for choosing the right agent for your situation.

  • First, steer clear of the inexperienced agent. You may have a brother-in-law that is an auto mechanic, but just got his real estate license, and you feel more comfortable dealing with family. As you prepare to sell the largest asset that you and your family own, you need a professional in the same way that you would not go to a family practitioner to get open heart surgery.
  • Find someone who knows your neighborhood better than anyone. There’s an old saying in real estate that is “Live where you sell, and sell where you live”. If you find the “super agent” in the Sunday paper, but he lives 40 minutes away from your home, you will be dissatisfied with his service regardless how many awards he has.
  • Be open minded about the price, and decide if you want to “list” the property, or if you want to “sell” the property. The typical home owner may ask “what’s the difference?”, and someone in the business knows exactly what I am talking about. If you look at the comparable sales that have taken place for similar homes in your immediate area, and you are priced 20% above them because you refuse to accept less than “X” for your home, then you are wasting everyone’s time, including your own. You don’t dictate the price, the market does, and if the market is not in the right place for you right now, you need to either change your mind about selling, or change your mind about needs and wants on the price.

There is a lot more to selling your home than these simple pointers. But, the most important thing you need to take away from this article is to trust your Realtor and his(her) judgment. If you don’t….you have the wrong Realtor.



  jrrivera wrote @

I think you should also look for a Realtor that specializes.

If you’re selling a beach front property, then it’s best to hire an agent that specializes in Beach Front properties.

If you’re in foreclosure, then it’s important that you deal with an agent that has the knowledge to guide you through the process.

Our company specializes in helping people who are in foreclosure navigate the process.

It’s always good to have someone on your side that know what they’re doing.

  David Podgursky wrote @

Good Post! I just wrote something about Buyer’s Agents for Foreign buyers.

All this social networking and blogging proves that the biggest single business influence right now in real estate is sphere of influence. People want to synch with a Realtor and their personality. So finding the right match is important.

  Pensacola Real Estate Broker wrote @

Hi Steve,

I the current Pensacola real estate market it is more important than ever to find a real estate agent or Broker that can find buyers the best value in a home or condo.
The reason this is harder now is twofold;
1) There are a lot more properties available
2) List price verses sales price can differ greatly
We have found, there are some real gems for buyers out there, but you have to dig for them.
Another way to say it is; your real estate professional have to really know the market. This is no time to go with a friend or relative that has a real estate license. Employ a fulltime, highly experienced professional.
for Pensacola Real Estate

  mtgmanfl wrote @

I couldn’t agree more that there are some real gems available in the Pensacola market. It is important to note that when you here analysts discussing the real estate market on TV, they are usually referring to national averages, and consolidated figures.

Check with a professional in your local market, compare the prices available with the average time on the market, and the difference in owning vs. renting to see what the best situation is for you and your family. What is good in Detroit may not be good in Atlanta.

  Tommy Martin wrote @

Referals from fiends is the best way to find a realtor. They have used the agent and can give you input on the agents profssionalism

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