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Celebrities In Foreclosure – Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon, the American Family Sweepstakes spokesman, is reportedly $644,000 past due on his $4.3 million mortgage.

Ed McMahon, Host of Star Search and well known Johnny Carson sidekick is reportedly in default with his mortgage on his home in Beverly Hills.  According to the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office, a notice of default was filed from a division of Countrywide Financial Corp. on February 28th.  Spokesman Howard Bragman says that 85 year old McMahon has been unable to work since a neck injury 18 months ago.

The house, located in the same subdivision as paparazzi favorite Britney Spears, has been on the market for $6.25 million for 2 years, and due in large part to recent publicity, has generated a lot more interest on the sale.  Talks with Countrywide are going well to help prolong foreclosure in the interest of a sale.



  Moodz4Modernz wrote @

You need $644,000.00 dollars? One “Save Ed McMahon’s Home” private Hollywood fundraiser would raise that much in ten minutes. Can the average hardworking person (about whom you have used the public airways, free of charge, to pledge your solidarity and sympathy) manage that? Can the average hardworking person go on Larry King and put their story out there? $644,000.00 could save seventeen “average” American families, (many with minor children), from the very threat you now face. But would it garner good ratings?

And Ed, after Jay Leno, Donald Trump, George Clooney and all your wealthy friends help bail you out of your financial morass, will you continue in your self-appointed role as “spokesman” for them then? Ed, pulleeese…

This just may turn out to be your most incredible pitch ever.

  Brad Nix wrote @

Ditto what Moodz said. pulleese.

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