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Celebrities In Foreclosure – Evander Holyfield

Even Evander Holyfield couldn’t avoid the knock out punch of foreclosure.

Evander Holyfield in foreclosure

I have a soft spot for those facing foreclosure in the country today. The economy is shaky, and many people have gotten themselves into homes they couldn’t afford and mortgages that didn’t make sense.

That being said, I’m going to have to go ahead and file Evander Holyfield in the “stupid is as stupid does” folder. According to public notice filed in Fayette County, GA, the former heavyweight champ is in foreclosure on his sprawling estate. This is where it gets good; the (stay with me here) 104 room, 54,000 square foot (yes that is not a misprint) estate is scheduled to go on the auction block on July 1st.

Now, I don’t claim to know anything about Evander Holyfield or his finances. But what I can tell you, as both a mortgage banker and a person with some level of common sense, if you buy a 54,000 square foot home, and you need to have a mortgage on it…….You Don’t Need To Be Living In A 54,000 Square Foot Home. There, i said it. I’m sure most of you are thinking it, but there it is.

A fool and his money are easily parted, and apparently this is just another example of that.



  Jim Lee wrote @

A lot of sports figures don’t seem to exhibit very sound financial management. I believe it’s related to the too much money too quick problem.

  freeforeclosurestop wrote @

Very Nice Information….

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