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Monday June 7, 2008

Today is a good day to lock your mortgage rate if you haven’t already.

The mortgage bond traded below the 25 day moving average on Thursday before the holiday (and well below the 200 day moving average), and the market is continuing on that downward slope today.  If you have a mortgage loan in process, it would be a good time to lock your rate and protect from any additional downside pressure in the near future.

This week there is no significant economic news expected, therefore, the bond market is expected to mimic the stock market.  However, earnings season starts tomorrow with stocks, and with earnings comes volitility.

This same volotility is expected to spill over to bonds as well.



  Bob Schenkenberger wrote @

A bumpy ride could become more turbulent. What do you see happening up to the election?

  mtgmanfl wrote @

Since this is an unconventional election year, it is hard to day. I think that in order to strengthen the dollar and decrease the impact of oil prices, the FED will have to raise rates in August. As a matter of fact, I’ll be shocked if they don’t.

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