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Island Real Estate – Ono Island Alabama

Island Real Estate – Ono Island Alabama

Ono Island Alabama

Ono Island Alabama

When most people think of Island Real Estate or Island Vacations, they don’t think of Alabama.  There is, however, a hidden gem on the gulf coast of Alabama called Ono Island.  This unique paradise is nestled between Perdido Key Florida on the south and main land Alabama on the north.  Even though it is less than 40 minutes from Pensacola, and less than an hour from Mobile, Alabama, you will feel like you have moved to a secluded caribean island when you are there.

With a contrast of older original beach homes, and newer super mansions, this island has an eclectic mix of arcitecture.  What many locals may not even know is that Ono Island is world renowed as one of the best fishing spots for speckled trout.  Hidden under the illuminated docks of the private residences around the island, the speckled trout makes for good eating, and a whole lot of fun to catch.

If you would like to learn more about how you can buy your slice of a private paradise, go to and find out what your options are today.


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